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Helping Hands


Volunteer Services

Do you want to be a volunteer to help serve the community, developed your potential, make new friends, and gain work experience? There are many volunteer positions to choose from, including office assistant, receptionist, computer instructor, homework club instructor, English teacher, graphic designer, photographer, translator and interpreter, career mentor, event coordinator, event helper, etc. We will do our best to match your skills, interests, availability and your preferred location with the volunteer tasks.


We provide orientation, training and ongoing support to our volunteers. We greatly appreciate our volunteers’ contributions to OCCSC’s work in the community.

Please check some of our volunteer positions:


Volunteers’ personal information is kept strictly confidential.

Volunteers are not to disclose or communicate confidential agency or client information to others who are not directly involved with OCCSC.

To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Tao Chen at

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