Join OCCSC “Stronger Together” Run or Walk Volunteer Fundraising Team

To celebrate our 45th Anniversary, the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC) will organize a series of activities that can help us maintain and develop essential newcomer services for their full integration.

We are proud to launch our first “Stronger Together” Run or Walk fundraiser. We’re recruiting runners/ walkers to join our “Stronger Together” ” fundraising team as part of the Ottawa Race Weekend’s Scotiabank Charity Challenge, May 23-24, 2020. We’re pleased to be an official charity in 2020 @ottawamarathon #ScotiabankCharityChallenge. Come run with us in May!

“Stronger Together” is a fundraising event, 50% net income will support OCCSC to provide services and programs to help the most vulnerable newcomers, women, youth and seniors for their full integration and healthy life, the other 50% will be donated to the local volunteer “Community Supporting Groups”, who provide free services and assistants to individuals and families.

How to participate:

1. Run or Walk: Join our team now!

Register Now:
Click on this link to learn how to register: Registration process
Click on this link to start the registration process:

NB: Ottawa Race Weekend will make a $5 referral donation to OCCSC for everyone who registers using this referral link. So please share the link with others who might like to join the team!

March Early Bird Charity Runners 20% off, Promote Code: 2020CHARITYRUNNER

Registered runners or walker for the OCCSC Stronger Together Volunteer Fundraising Team will have the training and race hours counted toward their volunteer hours, all students are welcome now.

Registered runners / walkers (through the link below) who join the OCCSC team will receive an OCCSC 45 Anniversary T-Shirt as a souvenir.

OCCSC 45 Anniversary T-Shirt

2. Make a donation now:

If you can’t participate in Stronger Together fundraiser on Race Weekend, but would still like to donate OCCSC, you can do so here. You can do so here.
If you would like to donate to an individual runner/walker in our team, click on, and you can find their name and make a donation.
you will automatically receive a tax receipt ($25.00 or more).

3. Corporate / Group Registration or Corporate Sponsorship
If your company or organization would like to form a team to join us, or sponsor this event, please contact Doreen Ju, 613-235-4875 ext. 144 or

Please help us promote this event: OCCSC Wechat@OCCSC-OTTAWA; OCCSC Facebook@ottawachinese; OCCSC Twitter@ChineseOttawa; Twitter@ runottawa; Facebook@OttawaMarathon(OP: we will select two lucky winners to receive our OCCSC 45th Anniversary Mug )

Please contact 613-235-4875 ext. 144 Doreen Ju or for more information.

Established in 1975, Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC)is a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable organization committed to advancing the full social and economic integration and participation of newcomers, immigrants, refugees, and people of Chinese descent in Canada. OCCSC started by helping Chinese immigrants, but we now serve newcomers from over 110 different nationalities. Our registered charity number is 130918311RR0001.

We provide a one-stop service in settlement services, employment support, language training, refugee services, volunteer & childcare services, we serve over 8000 clients annually. Please click on below link to see our achievements in 2019.

This campaign received media support from and Ottawazine, we really appreciate.


为了更好地帮助广大新移民快速开展新生活,更好地融入社区,OCCSC将组织 Stronger Together“爱在渥太华,健康公益跑”活动。现诚挚邀请广大社区朋友及跑步爱好者和我们一起组成首届“OCCSC公益跑团”,参与即将于2020年5月23-24日举办的马拉松比赛Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend。OCCSC很荣幸成为2020 Ottawa Marathon, Scotiabank Charity Challenge慈善组织中的一员,正式参与到加拿大规模最大的这项赛事之中。

秉承取之于社区,回馈于社区的原则,本次活动募集善款的净收入中, 50%将用于维持并发展OCCSC的新移民服务项目,帮助新移民女性、青少年以及老年群体充分融入加拿大社会。另外的50%收入,将捐献给本地“社区爱心互助志愿群(Community Supporting Groups)”。此次新型冠状疫情期间,许多家庭主动自我隔离,该志愿者团队为这些家庭提供了各种免费帮助和服务。


1. 跑步和健走
无论你热爱跑步,还是喜欢健走,或者正准备开始锻炼身体,都可以加入OCCSC首届公益跑团,为自己和所爱的人提升健康, 增强抵抗力,让我们一起挥洒汗水,为健康、爱与公益而奔跑。


每位通过此链接报名者, OCCSC 都能获得主办方提供的$5元捐款(请大家广为转发此链接)

三月早鸟优惠:凡通过上述链接报名,加入OCCSC跑团跑步或健走的义工,报名费可享八折优惠,报名时请在“Charity Promote Code”一栏输入:2020CHARITYRUNNER


凡报名上述任何项目, 加入“OCCSC公益跑团”可获赠OCCSC 45周年限量T恤一件。报名参加OCCSC跑步或健走团队的募款义工,其培训及比赛时间都可以计算义工小时,欢迎学生们组团参加。

OCCSC 45周年限量T恤

2. 捐款:

1.捐款给 OCCSC请点击
2.捐款给公益跑的一位成员: 请点击, 找到并点击此成员的姓名后捐款

3. 组团或赞助
如果您所属的企业或组织,想要组团报名或赞助此活动,为我们加油助力,欢迎联系Doreen Ju 613-235-4875 ext. 144或。

动动手指,欢迎将这份正能量转发、分享到您的朋友圈和社群。渥太华华人服务中心感谢您一如既往的大力支持!转发本文,请@以下任意公众号: OCCSC 微信公众号: OCCSC-OTTAWA; OCCSC Facebook:ottawachinese; OCCSC Twitter:@ChineseOttawa; Twitter: runottawa;Facebook: OttawaMarathon ; OP: 我们会抽取2位幸运者,赠送OCCSC 45周年限量纪念杯)。

详情请洽613-235-4875 ext. 144 Doreen Ju 或

关于渥太华华人服务中心 OCCSC
创始于1975年, 渥太华华人社区服务中心(OCCSC,原加京华侨服务处),是一个非牟利、无宗教和政治党派的社会服务机构。我们致力于协助新移民在经济上和整体生活上融入加拿大社会,安居乐业。OCCSC是本地拥有最全面移民服务的机构之一。我中心初期只服务华人移民,现在服务的客户来自110多个国家。中心的慈善机构注册编号为130918311RR0001。