Settlement and Integration Services

Our agency provides information and practical assistance to help newly arrived immigrants settle quickly in Ottawa. Here are some of the things that we can help you with:

  • finding a place to live
  • registering your child for school
  • getting government health insurance
  • looking for a place to learn English
  • getting your driver’s license
  • finding a job
  • interpretation and translation
  • family counselling
  • legal information

You can drop in our main office at 400 Cooper St., Suite 2000, Ottawa. You will be seen by one of our settlement workers who will do an assessment of your needs and then help you meet those needs. Alternatively, you can also call 613-235-4875 to make an appointment before you come.

Anyone who has been accepted by Canada as a sponsored family member, a skilled worker, an investor or as a caregiver, is eligible for our settlement service free of charge. If you have been recognized by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board as a Convention Refugee you are also eligible for our service free of charge.

In your first visit to our agency, it is important for you to bring your permanent resident card and those of your family members with you so that we can verify if you are eligible for our services.

In addition to one-on-one service, we also provide information sessions on important settlement issues throughout the year at different locations in the City. Our workers also run special group activities including parenting groups, youth groups and seniors for newcomers also at different locations in the City. From time to time, our workers would organize community tours or field trips to help newcomers get to know the local community resources.

If you are a newcomer and are looking for volunteering opportunities, you are welcome to speak to our volunteer coordinator, Doreen Ju at 613-235-4875 ext. 144.

Services for other clients

Some of you may ask, “If I am not a recent immigrant, can I still come to your agency to get settlement service?” The answer is “Yes”. This is because our agency also receives financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade to provide settlement service to the following individuals:

  • Permanent residents
  • Immigrants who have already acquired Canadian citizenship
  • Those who are applying for political asylum in Canada
  • International students

For more information please call 613-235-4875.

Services for low-income individuals and families

Community funding from the City of Ottawa supports our Chinese Family Service which target Chinese-Canadian families and individuals with low-income. If you or your family are struggling financially, our worker can help you apply for social assistance, social housing, dental care and drug benefits provided by the City and the Ontario government.

For more information please call 613-235-4875.


Any personal information you provide to our workers will be kept strictly confidential. We will not share your personal information with any individuals or organizations without your consent. This is in compliance with Canada’s privacy legislation.

If you have any complaints about our service or any constructive suggestions, please contact Rupert Yeung, Manager of Client Services Department, at 613-235-4875 ext. 121.

For all service inquiries, please call 613-235-4875 or visit our website at