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Helping Hands

Computer Literacy and Youth Leadership Program Volunteering Positions

Volunteer job descriptions: 

Computer Literacy Program: (Basic Level)

Commitment: Minimum 8 weeks

o    Time: 2.5 hours a week on Wednesday morning, 9:45 am-12:15 pm from 27th April 2022, 8 sessions.
o    Attend volunteer orientation / training (Before the program starts)
o    Volunteer Location: 400 Cooper Street, Suite 2000 & Virtual the last few sessions. 

•    Administrative Assistants

o    Photocopy the printed handout for students 

o    Send out the class reminder the day before the sessions

o    Check class attendance, contact students when they are absent

o     Assist design of online ice breaker activities

o    Generate the paper works 

o    Collect evaluation form

•    Teaching Assistants: (Mentors)

o    Interpretation of the instructor's information from English to Chinese, Arabic, or other                    languages
o    Mentoring and providing our clients with small group or individual learning support
o    Computer-related knowledge and work experience preferred
o    Good English communication skills

•    Translators: translate the Computer Literacy handouts from English to Chinese or Arabic or other          languages

The Youth Leadership Program:
Commitment: Minimum 13 weeks from April 28th, 2022 Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm-9:30 pm
Volunteer Location: Virtual, Zoom, one or two field trips, or community connection activities may apply during the weekend.

•    Administrative Assistant

o    Send out the class reminder the day before the sessions
o    Check out class attendance, contact students when they are absent
o    Follow up and collect student's weekly report
o    Tech support, such as setting up the ZOOM breakout rooms
o    Collect evaluation forms 
o    Upload e-files to the one drive 

•    Program Assistant (Mentors)

o    Assist students in designing and hosting online ice breaker activities 
o    Assist in planning the field trip and logistics
o     Mentoring and providing students with individual learning or group discussion support
o    Interpretation of the instructor's information from English to Chinese, Arabic, or other languages when need it
o    Good English communication skills


Other positions:
Graphic designer: Design program, events, and activities poster, flyer
Translators: Translate the OCCSC promotion materials from English to Chinese, Arabic, and other languages.
Event planning assistants: Assist in organizing, planning, and executing the activities and agency events, such as the OCCSC Annual volunteer party 


How will this volunteer opportunity benefit you?

o    Gain work-related skills and experience and receive volunteer hours
o    Expand network circles, meet new people
o    Contribute your talents and skills to make a positive contribution to students
o    Experience the satisfaction of making a tangible difference in someone's life
o    Learn different cultures and needs from the community
o    Participate OCCSC's Volunteer Annual Appreciation Party (receive volunteer certificate and souvenir)
o    Receive reference from OCCSC (upon successful completion of at least 40 volunteer hours or continued service of 3 months)


Please fill out your information from the link below the registration form if you are interested.

If you have questions, please contact the Volunteer / Community Coordinator at or 613-235-4875 Ext. 144.

Apply Here

Language ( Check all that apply)
Digital Litercy (DL) Youth Leadership (YL) and other volunteer positions (Check all that appy)
Please also send Self-introduction or resume to 

Thanks for submitting!




Volunteers’ personal information is kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Volunteers are not to disclose or communicate confidential agency or client information to others who are not directly involved with the OCCSC.

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