In-TAC’s Talent Den

Article By Emma Cochrane

On Wednesday, January 15th, ten highly qualified Accounting and Finance job seekers quietly reviewed their notes before taking the stage at the Talent Den hosted by the International Talent Acquisition Centre (In-TAC). Based on the popular television show Dragons’ Den, Talent Den provides an opportunity for employers from the private, public, and not-for-profit sector to meet and engage with highly educated and diverse talent. During this Talent Den, five hiring employers were invited to listen to each candidate’s sixty-second pitch, and ask follow-up questions.

The event provides an excellent opportunity for potential employers to have access to a unique group of job seekers. As Janet Howard, Manager of Staffing and Recruitment for Scotiabank commented, “In-TAC provides employers with a great experience to tap into people you may not otherwise have access to.” In-TAC strives to match international talent with Canadian opportunity. Tracey Clements, Director of People Services at TITUS International Inc. remarked, “[In-TAC] has given us great access to a pool of international talent.” All of the candidates attending the den are put through In-TAC’s thorough pre-screening process to ensure that top talent reaches the potential.

Events like Talent Den provide an excellent occasion to foster this match. The events enable newcomers to Canada to meet with potential employers and recruiters, as well as helping businesses to stay competitive by diversifying and employing global professionals. Job seeker Jean-Claude Wiyokuru stressed that In-TAC “helps to break barriers between employers and newcomers.” Jean-Claude came to Canada from Burundi Africa, where he was told by a private placement agency that they would be unable to help him find employment. However, after connecting with In-TAC, Jean-Claude received coaching and “great support from the In-TAC team.” With this support, he was able to attend the Talent Den and demonstrate his top-notch finance and accounting expertise to five potential employers.

In-TAC’s Talent Den continues to produce great results. Sixteen of the twenty clients who presented at In-TAC’s last Talent Den were called back for interviews, and eleven gained full time employment. Looking for diversity and talent? Look no further than In-TAC!

一月十五日,周三,十位金融會計背景的資優求職者靜靜地做著上場前的最後準備,“慧眼識英才”行業定向招聘會即將開場。受益於家喻戶曉的電視節目“Dragons’ Den” 的啟發,該招聘會安排私人企業,政府部門以及非營利組織當場對具有國際背景的專業人才進行初步溝通了解。這次招聘會邀請了五位有關僱主逐一聆聽求職者的“自我推銷60秒”,以及緊隨其後的問答。

這個活動為僱主提供了一個極好的機會直接接觸一個獨特的求職者群體。正如豐業銀行(Scotiabank)人事招聘經理Janet Howard所述:“In-TAC使僱主有機會接觸到的求職者群體是我們平時接觸不到的。”In-TAC力求幫助有國際背景的人才尋求在加拿大發展的機會。TITUS International的人力資源總監Tracey Clements 評論道:“我們通過In-TAC接觸到了國際人才庫。”所有參加招聘會的求職者都經過了In-TAC團隊的精心篩選,以確保頂尖人才的潛力得到充分展現。

“慧眼識英才”行業定向招聘會極大地提高了僱主與人才匹配度,這類活動使新移民能夠與潛在的僱主和專業招聘人員直接接觸,同時幫助企業聘用各種國際專業人才,從而增強企業的競爭力。求職者Jean-Claude Wiyokuru強調In-TAC在“幫助打破企業和新移民之間的壁壘上功不可沒”。Jean-Claude從非洲的布隆迪來到加拿大,有位私人獵頭公司的僱員曾對他說無法幫他找工作,然而,在與In-TAC團隊接觸後,他得到了“專業輔導和大力支持”,並有幸參加了本次專業定向招聘會,有機會在五位潛在僱主面前展示他的一流的財務和會計專業特長。