Go global – Hire local

The International Talent Acquisition Centre aims to connect Canadian small and medium enterprises with skilled international talent to help business diversify their employee base, expand their markets and compete globally.

Employers in turn offer internationally educated professionals opportunities to maximize their professional potential and successfully integrate into the Canadian workforce and the local business community.
With partners in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and over 40 cities in China, in-TAC offers SME a variety of exceptional support services and business solutions, including:

  • Staffing services (Accounting and IT)
  • Internship and Co-op placements
  • Cultural competency training
  • Workplace mentorship initiatives
  • Bookkeeping, taxation and IT support for start-ups and small and medium businesses

We offer comprehensive support services that help over 600 newcomers find employment per year and integrate into Canadian society. With over 400 employer partners across Canada, in-TAC is involved in 250 job placements and mentor internships annually.

Contact us
381 Kent Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON, K2P 2A
Phone 613-235-4875 ex. 146
Email: info@in-tac.ca

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