“Go Global, Hire Local” Matches Technology Venture Teams with Talented Professionals at Carleton University

Article By Christine Shay

Go Global, Hire Local matches young technology entrepreneurs who wish to define and exploit global opportunities with international professionals who possess appropriate skills. The program is the result of a special relationship between Carleton University’s Technology Innovation Management program and the International Talent Acquisition Centre.

On Feb. 10, Go Global, Hire Local brought together 30 talented newcomers to Canada and eight venture teams at the Carleton-led Accelerator in the St Patrick’s Building. They discussed jobs that could help ventures in the Accelerator globalize rapidly, while encouraging highly skilled international professionals to work in their fields of interest.

Go Global, Hire Local is part of a job-creation engine designed and operated using a global ecosystem approach.

Tony Bailetti, director of the TIM program, and Ying Xie, senior manager of In-TAC, both stressed the importance of the relationship between the TIM program and In-TAC.

“Many of the people involved in these two organizations were once new immigrants themselves,’’ said Ying Xie. “They understand the resilience and perseverance it takes to get settled in a new country. With Go Global, Hire Local, it is much easier for new immigrants to become part of the domestic workforce and use their skills acquired back home.”

“In addition to their skills and knowledge, immigrants provide us with their connections to the world, which are incredibly important to the venture teams working in the Carleton-led Accelerator,” said Bailetti.

Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management is a unique graduate program that offers both a project (M.Eng) and thesis (MA.Sc.) options. This master’s program attracts technology entrepreneurs, people who wish to work with technology entrepreneurs, and individuals who are part of the business ecosystems that support technology entrepreneurs.

作者Christine Shay

2月10日在卡爾頓大學(Carleton University) 的St Patrick大樓,35名來自IT界的國際專業人才與8名新建IT公司的負責人相聚在一起,共同探討了如何使新建創新企業快速成長並國際化,以及如何鼓勵技術精湛的國際人才在自己的領域裡發揮作用等多方面的議題。

“進軍國際市場,僱用當地人才”活動為有意進軍國際市場的IT企業與國際專業人才提供了一個相互溝通和交流的寶貴機會和平台,這是In-TAC與卡爾頓大學的技術創新管理項目(Technology Innovation Management Program -TIM)的長期精誠合作的又一典範。

其間,In-TAC高級經理解盈先生與卡爾頓大學的技術創新管理項目的主管Tony Tailetti教授都一致強調了In-TAC與該項目發展合作關系的重要性。



卡爾頓大學的技術創新管理項目是一個針對卡爾頓畢業生的特別項目,有做項目 (M.Eng)和寫論文(MA.Sc.)兩個選項。前來報讀這一項目的人才不少, 其中包括了技術創業型的企業家們、希望和這些企業家們共同創業打拼的技術專業人才、以及願為這些新生企業提供幫助的人們等 。