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Board of Directors


Riven Zhang
- Director -

Riven Zhang is the entrepreneur that brought Alipay and WeChat Pay to Canada, and the co-founder & CEO of Motion Pay Technology Inc. On February 17, 2017, Mr. Zhang did the first WeChat Pay transaction in North America, and the first Alipay transaction in Canada, both using QR code technology at a jewelry store in Ottawa where he bought a gift for his wife. Today, with thousands of merchants from Halifax to Vancouver, from modest restaurants to luxury brands, Motion Pay is the leading Alipay and WeChat Pay solution provider in North America. Born in Shandong, China, Mr. Zhang immigrated in year 2000 in Ottawa, Canada. A few months after he arrived to the country, he successfully founded his first company,, a true entrepreneurial story that has created many opportunities for the Canadian Chinese community by providing a platform for collaboration and discussion. For its success and its engagement, Mr. Zhang was named the 2017 City of Ottawa Immigrant Entrepreneur Award recipient.

Riven’s vision is to bring QR code mobile payments to all Canadian businesses and empower them to seize many more sales opportunities through domestic and cross-border mobile payment acceptance.

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