CAEL Preparation Course

We are now offering the CAEL Preparation Course.

This course is targeting academic clientele, from those who are about to enter any university or college here, to those who are already in, at all levels of studies (bachelor, master’s and PhD), but still need to pass the English proficiency test before they can complete their studies.

We have partnered up with the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment office at Carleton University and we offer this course to all who need it, whichever their mother tongue may be (whose first language is not English and they have to pass the English proficiency test for academic learning).

If you are such a candidate, this is your opportunity to prepare yourself the best way possible for this important test, by taking our 4-week intensive preparation course. Our teachers are the experts in the field, additionally trained at the CAEL Office of Carleton University for this specific course, who will help you understand, learn and prepare for the test. We are pleased to offer you a competitive price for the course and the best learning environment.

Spaces are limited, so please contact us to register as soon as possible, at: 613-235-4875, ext. 126, 128 & 142.


我们与卡尔顿大学CAEL测试中心合作举办此培训项目, 为所有应考者(包括母语为非英语而需通过学术类英语考试者)提供培训。


名额有限,欲报名者请速联系我们: 613-235-4875,分机:126, 128和142.