Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace

– An Ontario Bridge Training Program for Internationally Trained Individuals

The # 1 career bridge training program in Ottawa.

Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace (NCITW) is a bridge-to-work project for internationally educated ICT professionals.

This unique program is designed to help participants through career transition.12 weeks of training and a professional education will expose Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) to the local Canadian workplace culture, business practices and professional ethics, as well as improve their communication skills and understand­ing of the local labour market.

This project will connect internationally educated ICT professionals with local lT and user industry employers to develop a seamless, two-way, win-win, integration process.

Our Program Includes:

  • IT Workplace Communication
  • Current trends in IT
  • Networking with guest speakers and mentors from the IT community
  • Acquire your first Canadian work experience through our co-op!

NaviCanIT Module

ICT Project Management

An intensive introduction to Project Management in the IT industry.

Learn the 5 phases and 9 knowledge areas of importance as it relates to working in the technology industry.

  • Roles of IT employees
  • Employer expectations
  • Project lifecycles
  • Management methodologies

Career Coaching Program

Develop your Career transition plan in the Canadian market.

  • Breakdown of the IT market
  • Professions within the industry
  • Build your competency profile
  • Formulation of effective job search strategies

On-Demand Skills

Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cur­ rent “High Demand” skills imperative in today’s technology labour market.

  • Conduct research
  • Gain knowledge of required technical skills
  • Discover how to find gainful employment in IT

Presentation Skill

Learn the importance of how to present styles of communication at the Canadian workplace.

  • An overview of communication in Canada’ s business environment
  • Theoretical and practical frameworks
  • Step-by-step preparation of delivery
  • Practice your presentation with our professionals!

Workplace Communication in Writing

Here is an opportunity to examine common workplace problems that can be addressed through written communication.

  • Analyze the situation and the likely attitude of the reader
  • Choose writing strategies to produce effective messages
  • Learn to manage your messages and correct your writing
  • Problem-solving approach is utilized

Inter-Cultural Communication

What is Culture? And how is culture and diversity important in managing conflict resolution? Explore the answers throughout the program using
workplace-related topics.

  • Exploring the cultural iceberg
  • Review of cultural dimensions
  • Characteristics of a multicultural Canadian workplace
  • Working with cultural differences
  • Strategies for communicating across diversity

Professional Ethics

Explores and discusses common professional ethic issues in the workplace, especially in the IT sector in Canada.

  • Discuss real scenarios that you will encounter in the workplace
  • What is the correct way of dealing with them?
  • What are the incorrect ways of dealing with them?
  • Learn how to evaluate the ethics of important situations that are presented in the workplace.
  • Consider the implications of the different responses

Workplace Communication

This interactive module provides the language tools to confi­dently discuss and understand workplace topics and situations.

  • You will receive an initial, individual diagnosis of your speech pattern
  • There is an emphasis on building confidence through tailored workplace simulations and case studies
  • Pronunciation techniques

Technical Writing

Technical Writing presents a model for developing documentation in a high-level lT environment, for IT professionals to apply them to various deliverables in a variety of formats.

  • Documentation in the software and IT industries
  • Methods can be applied to producing documentation in any technical discipline.
  • Ability to understand the documentation process
  • Create a usable outline for document delivery

Other Employment Services

  • Bridging Program For Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals
  • Co-op Opportunities For Accounting And IT Professionals
  • Job Referrals
  • Job Search Workshops
  • Job Readiness Preparation: resume clinic and interview coaching
  • Professional Mentorship Matching

Employment Support Services to Internation­al Students (New)

  • Services to Employer
  • Diversity Training And Culture Orientation
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Tailored In-House Workplace Communication Skills Training

Registration and Eligibility

  • Permanent residents and convention refugees
  • Canadian citizens with IT background in country of origin
  • English level at CLB 7 or above
  • Internationally trained IT professionals working or looking for jobs in IT sectors

For more info, please contact:

Song Guo, Training Coordinator
613 235 4875 ext. 138

Scarlett Dong, Outreach Coordinator/Office Manager

613 235 4875 ext. 146

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