2016 Barrhaven Community Welcome Fair


Settlement, Parenting, Employment, Community Information

Sunday, May 15, 2016, 1:00pm-4:30pm

Photo-ops With Mayor, Free Admission, Practical Information, Kids Zone, Lucky Draws, Free Parking

The 2016 Barrhaven Welcome Fair hosted by the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Center (OCCSC), with the strong support of the Ottawa Mayor and more than 20 community partners will be held from 1:00 p.m.to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 at the Mother Teresa High School, 440 Longfields Dr., Nepean. Partners include businesses, community service providers, two school boards, sports and interest clubs, a learning centre, summer camps that will showcase what they can offer to support and enrich the lives of newcomers’ families.

The OCCSC is hosting this welcoming event for the sixth time. We have received major support from Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson. He will make the opening speech at 1:00 p.m., and is also offering photo opportunities for immigrant families until 1:30. Mayor Watson will also pick the lucky winner for Mayor’s welcome gift basket at 1:40 p.m. Families who wish to have their photo taken with the Ottawa Mayor must register in advance and arrive at the fair at 12:30 p.m. to line up.

The Barrhaven Welcome Fair is a free, fun-packed afternoon for the whole family, designed to help newcomers connect with, learn, and experience a welcoming community. Many different organizations, businesses, and service providers will set up information booths. These include settlement services, employment support, language training, parenting education, health care, banking and insurance, housing, transportation, sports/arts/recreation, summer camps and daily life, etc. The exhibitors for our event include:

  • Algonquin College ESL Program
  • Audi. Porsche – David Li
  • Autism Ontario, East, South East
  • Camp IAWAH
  • Centre Town Community Health Centre
  • ComeFromChina.com
  • CFC Weekly News
  • Dr. Mo Yu
  • Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre
  • Joan of Arc Academy
  • Kanata South Kumon Centre
  • Music For Young Children
  • OCCSC Happy Kitchen
  • OCCSC Settlement, Employment and Language programs
  • Ontario Early Year Centre
  • Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • Ottawa South United (OSU) Soccer Club
  • Ottawa Tiancai Arts School
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  • Oxford Learning Centre- Nepean
  • Primerica
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada
  • South Nepean Community Service Centre
  • Urbandale Construction
  • YMCA – Employment Services
  • Wind Mobile

In addition these information booths, we have also prepared many activities for infants, kids and the elderly. In the Kids’ zone we are offering a crawling competition that targets babies from 6 to 12 months. We also have a chasing tale integrative game for older kids with their parents. Child care services will be provided on site (Pre-registration required). Older children can enjoy the exciting jumping castle and Kung Fu practice, provided by the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. The Ottawa Tiancai Arts School will offer arts and crafts, including drawing, beautiful butterfly hand crafts, face painting and balloon animals. The Ottawa South United Soccer League will offer demonstrations of soccer skills and indoor soccer games for kids. Participants can also register onsite to participate the Free Soccer Day event, offered by OSUS and OCCSC in June. We also are providing on site diabetes tests for seniors. OCCSC Happy Kitchen will showcase their handmade goodies as a charitable bake sale. There will be a family fun selfie corner for participants who wish to have a fantastic memento of the day and our volunteers will be available onsite to help out.

There are plenty of gifts in the lucky draw for our participants, including the Mayor’s Welcome Basket, supermarket/restaurant gift certificates, free admission tickets for parks, museums, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo as well as gift certificates for learning courses/sport clubs or art classes, etc. Our biggest gift is valued at over $500. There is also a draw for free entrance tickets and lucky draw tickets, but pre-registration will be required.


Email: eventregistration@occsc.org

In person: OCCSC office, 400 Cooper Street, suite 2000

Please provide your ID photo/scan document for registration (Permanent Resident Card/ Landing Paper/Citizen Certificate/work permit, etc.)

Please register in advance no later than 05:00 p.m., Tuesday May 10th, 2016.

Immigrants who visit OCCSC for the first time will receive a welcome gift as well as a 2016 Settlement Services pamphlet to take home with them. Please bring your Permanent Resident Card or Landing Paper with you on event day.

  • Our best thanks to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, as well as to our sponsors and community partners for this event, including
  • Audi. Porsche – David Li
  • CFC (ComeFromChina.com)
  • CFC Weekly News
  • Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts,
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board
  • Ottawa South United Soccer
  • Ottawa Tiancai Arts School
  • RBC
  • Urbandale Construction.

Ample free parking will be available.

Thank you for your participations and we hope you will enjoy a happy and meaningful Sunday afternoon with your family, friends, and us.

For more information, please feel free to call 613-235-4875 ext 161


移民安顿、亲子教育、求职就业 、安居乐业信息分享

欢迎社区新老朋友,市长亲临合影留念, 各种亲子儿童游戏, 合家共享欢乐周日!

渥太华华人社区服务中心联合渥太华市长及二十多个社区伙伴, 包括本地企业, 两个教育局, 移民、社区、健康服务中心、本地各类才艺学校、体育俱乐部、夏令营和补习班等, 于2016年5月15日 (周日) 下午1点至 4点半, 于Mother Teresa High School, 440 Longfields Dr, Nepean 盛大推出“2016 Barrhaven 社区欢迎日” , 欢迎移民在渥太华安居乐业。

这是本中心第六次举办此类活动。市长Jim Watson非常支持, 不但将于一点钟致开幕词, 之后还提供半个小时与移民家庭合影, 并带来一份特殊荣誉的市长欢迎礼篮, 于一点四十分抽奖。凡希望与市长合影的家庭, 请预先注册报名, 并于12:30pm提前抵达排队, 依序与市长照相。

此次活动完全免费, 实用的信息摊位包括: 移民安顿、 求职辅导、语言培训、亲子教育、医疗保健、体育健身、才艺兴趣、金融理财、购房买车、贷款保险、衣食住行等内容。目前参展的信息摊位如下, 还在陆续增加中:

  • Autism Ontario, East, South East/ 安省自闭症协会
  • Camp IAWAH/ IAWAH 夏令营
  • Centre Town Community Health Centre / 市中心社区健康中心
  • ComeFromChina.com/ CFC 中文网
  • CFC Weekely News / 新华侨报
  • Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre/ Gracefield 基督教夏令营及休闲中心
  • Joan of Arc Academy/ Joan of Arc 双语私立学校
  • Kanata South Kumon Centre/ Kanata 南区 Kumon 补习班
  • Music For Young Children/ 幼儿音乐学院
  • OCCSC Happy Kitchen/ OCCSC开心厨房
  • OCCSC Settlement, Employment and Language programs / OCCSC移民安顿、求职就业 、语言培训等
  • Ontario Early Year Centre 安省早教中心
  • Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts/ 渥太华武术学院
  • Ottawa Catholic School Board / 渥太华天主教教育局
  • Ottawa South United (OSU) Soccer Club/ 渥太华南联足球俱乐部
  • Ottawa Tiancai Arts School / 渥太华天彩美术学校
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board/ 渥太华-卡尔顿 公立教育局
  • Oxford Learning Centre- Nepean/ 牛津学习中心(补习班)
  • Primerica
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada / 加拿大皇家银行
  • South Nepean Community Service Centre / 南尼平市区社服务中心
  • Urbandale Construction
  • YMCA – Employment Services/ YMCA 求职服务

除了实用的信息外, 我们针对婴孩、 儿童、老人都预备了精彩活动。针对6-12个月左右的宝宝,设有爬行比赛; 18个月以上会走的宝宝有亲子活动:抓尾巴;并设置托儿服务 (名额有限, 须提前注册)。儿童节目除了最受小朋友欢迎的充气蹦床外, 渥太华天彩美术学校将为小朋友和家长带来手工绘画、 彩绘脸谱、动物气球等活动。亲子运动区将由Ottawa South United Soccer俱乐部的教练提供足球技巧示范及踢球游戏;对长者, 还有糖尿病检测及健康信息分享;本中心开心厨房将义卖各式手工甜点, 我们也设置了趣味家庭自拍角让您全家福留影, 义工也可协助拍照。

这次幸运抽奖的礼物非常丰富, 除了市长礼篮外, 还有超市或餐厅礼券, 各种游乐园及博物馆、爬行动物园等的入场券, 还有各种免费补习班、才艺及运动课程的礼券, 最高价值达三百多元, 请提前报名注册, 以获取免费入场券及幸运抽奖券。


电邮: eventregistration@occsc.org
亲临本中心400 Cooper Street, suite 2000
报名请提供身分证件 (枫叶卡/ 移民纸/ 公民卡/ 工作签证等)

注册截止日期:5月10日 (周二) 下午5点

未曾接受过本中心服务的新移民朋友们, 持枫叶卡或移民纸, 活动当天可领取一份欢迎礼物,及2016 新移民安居服务手册一份。

渥太华华人社区服务中心衷心感谢市长Jim Watson, 赞助商及合作伙伴对此次活动的支持,包括:
天主教教育局、CFC中文网、新华侨报、 公立教育局、Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts、Ottawa South United Soccer、 渥太华天彩美术学校、RBC银行、Urbandale Construction等

欢迎您全家和朋友一起光临, 与我们共度一个欢乐并有意义的周日下午。当天有大量免费停车位。
详情请洽 613-235-4875 分机161